A commitment to entrepreneurial leadership continues to drive their approach today, both in their joint activities and in their individual ventures.

Life Sciences and biotechnology are the areas in which the Bertarelli family established its business reputation, but today their business activities – both joint and individually – are more diverse.

B-FLEXION, founded and chaired by Ernesto Bertarelli, manages the family’s investments and also makes investments itself. It is active in asset management, including real estate, and in life sciences and healthcare. Individually, the family’s interests range from ownership of one of Switzerland’s most exclusive hotels, to sailing and lifestyle companies, as well as the historic vineyards that produce some of Italy’s most renowned wine.

All of these ventures share certain characteristics: a constant appetite for new opportunities and areas for growth and a self-critical commitment to constantly challenge performance. And, inspired by Fabio Bertarelli’s business philosophy, the family always seek to create environments that their colleagues feel proud to be part of, where they can add value and also participate in the growth and development of the enterprises.