B-FLEXION is the business enterprise for the managers and advisers of the funds and investments associated with the Bertarelli family.

B-FLEXION (formerly Waypoint Capital) is chaired by Ernesto Bertarelli. With offices in Geneva, London, Jersey, Boston, San Francisco and Luxembourg, it embodies the values, culture and philosophy of the family’s joint business interests, overseeing the management of many of the various investment programmes and providing advice and execution capabilities to the companies and investments with which it is associated.

B-FLEXION’s strategy is governed by three key principles: think and act long-term, manage risk, explore opportunity. As such, the B-FLEXION portfolio is diversified, though there are two principal areas of focus:

  • Life Sciences, which follows the family’s historic involvement in the area
  • Asset Management, encompassing real estate, hedge funds, private equity and fund of fund investments